Bankrupcy / Restructuring

The Bankruptcy/Restructuring Practice Group at Rice Pugatch Robinson Storfer & Cohen, PLLC has over one hundred years of combined experience representing debtors, creditors, committees, assignees, assignors and bankruptcy trustees in bankruptcy proceedings and assignment proceedings throughout the State of Florida and nationwide. Our attorneys have participated in some of the largest restructuring cases in South Florida and are able to guide both individuals and businesses through the uncertainty and complexity of a Chapter 11 or 7 bankruptcy filing, as well as a state court assignment for the benefit of creditors.

We recognize that the filing of bankruptcy is a challenging and difficult process. Our experienced attorneys are available to help guide you and determine the most effective and cost eficient means to complete the process from the filing of your initial bankruptcy schedules and other disclosures, to your dealings and negotiations with creditors and other parties, and finally, if you have filed under Chapter 11, to the filing and confirmation of a plan of reorganization. No matter what your financial and business issues are, the attorneys at Rice Pugatch Robinson Storfer & Cohen, PLLC will explore your legal options and advise you on an appropriate course of action. We pride ourselves on our ability to assess our clients’ needs and achieve results. You can be assured that your lawyer will always be available when you need him or her and will handle your case efficiently and effectively.